Our Mission Statement

USS Eisenhower battle group

Our Affiliation

Lighthouse Military Ministry is a Christian, Bible believing, Pentecostal church located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It is a connecting point fellowship of FREEDOM OUTREACH INTERNATIONAL, connecting military, veterans, and their communities with a missional, Christian family.

Our Provision

We provide a safe and caring home and family environment where young military men and women can enjoy good wholesome fun and fellowship while they are away from their biological families. Here they can examine the claims of Christianity in a non-threatening environment, come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior, or grow in their personal relationship with Him. 

Our Purpose

To help young servicemen and women stationed in the Norfolk Virginia Beach area of Hampton Roads: believe in and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; learn to live the Christian life according to the Word of God; receive divine power to be witnesses for Jesus Christ by being baptized with the Holy Spirit, with the initial evidence of speaking in other tongues; and become culturally sensitive witnesses for Jesus among military personnel in their units, multinational forces in combined military operations, and residents of countries where they may serve.