The Genesis Story - Jacob

Dr. John Wagner

Are you interested in studying the book of Genesis? We're studying it on Wednesday mornings in our senior adult service (Young At Heart) at Azalea Garden Church. You can listen to the sermons here. I add new ones each week. You can listen online, or you can download the messages to your computer by right clicking on the title of the message, and then clicking 'save link as' or "save target as." Then you can listen to the sermon on your computer or ipod anytime you want without having to be online. You're also welcome to email me questions you may have about what you hear.

Jacob Meets God at Bethel - Genesis 28:10-22

Jacob goes into exile from his family because of his deception. He stops at Howard Johnson's for the night where he puts his head on a nice soft pillow. While he's asleep he has a dream where God reveals Himself to Jacob and repeats the Abrahamic promise to him. Listen and find out what Jacob's rdsponse was.

Jacob's Ladder - Genesis 28:10-22 (Part 2)

Last week we talked about Jacob going into exile from his family and meeting God in a dream. God repeats the Abrahamic promise to Jacob. But what is the significance of the ladder with the angels ascending and descending on it? What has that ladder got to do with us? Listen and find out!

Jacob Gets Deceived! - Genesis 29:1-35

There's an old saying: "What goes around comes around." A couple of weeks ago we talked about Jacob and Rabekah teaming up to deceive Isaac. Now Jacob gets deceived by Laban, his uncle. Listen to find out how.