A Prescription For Spiritual Health

By Dr. John Wagner

Have you been feeling out of sorts lately? Things just aren't going right at work, your family relationships are strained - but you just don't know why? Everything you try doesn't seem to work. You find yourself losing your temper more often, and for no apparent reason. You may be out of sorts spiritually. Your spiritual health can affect every other area of your life - including your physical health!

This prescription, followed carefully for 30 days, will return you to spiritual health and vitality! The prescription will require some time each day on your part. And, like many antibiotic packs that a medical doctor prescribes, this prescription involves taking three "pills" twice a day.

To pick up your prescription you'll have to go to my pharmacy by clicking on the right arrow buttons at the bottom of the page.

To take this prescription you'll need to go somewhere by yourself. Go somewhere you can be quiet and focus your thoughts. It may even have to be in the bathroom.

So here goes:

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