Our International Family

Several times over the last twelve years God has privileged us with ministering to military men and women from other countries in our home.

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Some of the international servicemen and women we hosted were here for conferences, while others were stationed here temporarily. Some even participated in our weekend activities. Building friendships with servicemen and women from around the world is a really special part of our work!

Ojars Freimanis and his family were from Latvia, where Ojars was an active duty Navy chaplain.

Derek and Arletta Wujciuk were here from Poland to attend an ACCTS Interaction conference. Derek was a Polish fighter pilot and the president of the Military Christian Fellowship in Poland

Cas and Ann Allen and Shekina were from Kenya. Cas was serving in the United States Navy.

Rubem, Paulo, Camillo, Tiago, Daniel, and Edivaldo were from Brazil. Their ship, the Fragata Greenhalgh, came to Norfolk to join in some training exercises at the Norfolk Naval Station. On the weekends, when their ship was in port they joined us in our weekend activities.