Sunday Dinners 1:00-5:00 PM

Every Sunday afternoon we get together for our big home cooked "family style" dinner. Being the excellent cook that she is (and I am prejudiced!), Yvonne always fixes a tremendous meal, including home made bread, that's followed by a really delicious dessert!

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While she puts the finishing touches on dinner, some people read the paper, do the weekly Sunday crossword puzzles, or enjoy a hot cup of tea. Those who bring their laptops check email, surf the web, or phone home. Still others take the opportunity to catch a few extra z's (especially after a late night watch). A few who like to cook, even help Yvonne in the kitchen.

After dinner we go into the living room and sometimes we sing and worship, or watch a movie, or a DVD of a book of the Bible. Afterwards we'll talk about the point of the films and what we got out of them. We close every Sunday afternoon by going around the room sharing prayer requests and taking turns praying.