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These books are excellent resources to help you understand the life you are living in the military commmunity. They provide answers to many questions every serviceman and woman asks repeatedly.

They are also an excellent resource for pastors of churches and individuals living in military communities who have little or no military background but want to understand the unique pressures and challenges military men and women deal with. These books answer the many questions about why military individuals and families are not "just like every other person or family in the church". These books can be ordered by following the links to the respective book sellers.

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In His Service

Rick Bereit

The military isn't just a profession, it's a way of life - sometimes an all consuming way of life. So how does a Christian, who is called to wholeheartedly live for God, mesh life in Christ with life in the military? Is it possible to live a consistent, obedient, godly life while complying with the military's many requirements?

The answer is yes, and "In His Service" serves as your guide. In this guide to Christian Living in the military Rick Bereit draws from his over 30 years of military exprience to provide a detailed overview of life in the military, life as a Christian, and, most important, how the two fit together. Designed as a life long handbook - from the first day of basic training through an entire enlistment or career - In His Service is a comprehensive resource to equip you for service to your country and to God.

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When Duty Calls

Carol Vandesteeg

A practical manual for military personnel and their families addresses the wide array of circumstances surrounding deployment and family separation. Written by a twenty-year military wife, "When Duty Calls" contains comprehensive resource lists and speaks to important issues of military life.

Some of the topics included in this book: preparing for family separation - discusses pre-deployment stress and expectations families may have. Deployment talks about saying goodbye, communicating during separations, caring for children while a parent is away, and taking care of yourself while your spouse is gone. The roles of religious faith and support groups are presented. Reunion reminds readers to expect changes to take place in their families during separation. Expectations of family members are discussed to help prepare for re-uniting.

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